Meal Prep // Breakfast and Lunch Edition


This week I expanded on my Sunday meal prep to include more breakfast and lunch items, as well as try my hand at making a new sauce that I typically just buy — enchilada.

Per usual, I cut up fruit and made hard boiled eggs for quick morning snacks.

IMG_6687 - CopyI made a big pan of apple cinnamon oatmeal bake. Recipe here. We had some apples about to turn so I subbed those for the berries that the recipe called for. This can be eaten hot or cold so it’s super portable and absolutely delicious…I might have started digging into it last night already.

IMG_6690I mentioned yesterday that we’re having enchiladas tonight, so I tried my hand at homemade sauce which turned out to be super easy. Recipe here. It makes about a cup and a half which is the perfect amount for two people and it can be refrigerated up to two weeks if you decide to make more.

IMG_6697I candied some pecans to top lunch salads (recipe here) *I used light brown sugar instead of white sugar:

IMG_6700For lunches, I made quinoa, black bean and feta salad (chopped tomatoes on the side to avoid sogginess) that we can throw in wraps with avocado or put over greens.IMG_6698

It feels good knowing we have a fridge stocked with breakfast and lunch items and not just dinner leftovers! So I have to ask…

Do you plan your breakfasts and lunches?


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