Some of our very bestest friends are getting married in a few short weeks so Ben and I have been busy venturing off to their respective bachelor(ette) parties.  I was a part of the planning for the bride’s, as I was one of her ‘maids, so I let my inner craftaholic take full reign the past few weeks.

Pete and Leah love fishing and have a few nautical twists to their wedding so I decided to incorporate that (as well as their colors- orange and blue) into some of the decor….

First up: The lingerie line.  Every bride should have this at her party!  I used boat rope for the line and painted the clothes pins a mix of blue & white stripes and orange with blue dots:

We went to an amazing winery for a two hour food & wine pairing to start off the night and when we got back we had customized wine glasses to continue the party.  After washing them, I painted the bases with three layers of chalkboard paint (letting each layer dry overnight).


Bridal Wear- I can’t take full credit for this one- I found it on Pinterest!  I ordered the hats from Oriental Trading, and bought the material for cheap from a craft section.  I cut it to the length desired, sewed it to the back of the hat, and voila:

This craft was meant for the door but actually ended up as the centerpiece for the lingerie line.  Everything was bought at a craft store and it came together in no time (E for Leah’s new last name):

Taping off the sections to be painted red was more difficult than I thought because it was hard to get them straight.  I found doing small pieces of tape at a time, rather than one continuous piece worked well.

I applied two coats to be sure the red was a deep color. That’s a lego Star Wars something or other flying in the background ;-)

The Aftermath: Our poor bride-to-be is going needed a pick me up after all the shenanigans we put her through:

The rest of the night is just for us girls to know about ;-)

Sweet dreams,