We made it!

And this was our home, sweet, home for the week:

After picking up some essentials we had overlooked in the scramble to get out the door, we stopped at a roadside farmer’s market/organic goods store for some treats for the week:Once we got ourselves all settled, we decided a jaunt into town on our bikes was in order.  B got me this cruiser for my 25th birthday. Her name is Celeste. Her sister, Judy Bloom, lies in pieces in our basement. I smell a bike rebuilding post!

A 7 minute walk from our cottage, yes please.

We discovered this scenic opening right next to the town library and had ourselves a little photoshoot.I’ll say it again, let’s live in October forever. If only for the fashion.

All that adventuring left us quite hungry so we stopped at the highly recommended Graffam Brothers for lobster rolls. They did not disappoint!  Huge chunks of straight out of the bay lobster lightly tossed in mayo and served on a toasted roll with cole slaw and crispy fries on the side.Afterwards we ventured onto the main street and discovered the most amazing used book store.  We could have spent a thousand dollars in there but we chose two for Mr., two for Mrs., and one for both of us.

We also got our very first, second ornament family ornament.  (My best friend got us one when we got engaged in July ’11!)

We headed home, cleaned up, and then made our way down to Cappy’s for a proper clam chowder dinner and cocktails. After one of these I was ready for bed. Cappy’s Lemonade: it will do ya dirty.

Day Three to come!